• Transforming City Food Habits for Life

    Making small changes that add up to a big difference

Food Waste Prevention

Prevent food waste by changing planning, shopping, storage and meal preparation behaviour.

Healthy Sustainable Eating

Promote healthy and sustainable eating by changing purchasing and preparation practices.

Recycling Inedible Food

The recycling of unavoidable food waste.

About Us

TRiFOCAL London – Transforming City Food habits for LIFE, is a €3.2million three year project funded by the LIFE programme of the European Union. The initiative is being led by Resource London (the partnership between WRAP and LWARB) together with Groundwork London – learn more about the project partners here. The project started in 2016 and pilot delivery in London runs until March 2019, with learnings shared with 9 European cities as part of its replication programme. TRiFOCAL focuses on 4 audiences: householders, businesses, communities and schools.

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Our Resources

We would encourage you to browse and make use of the resources on this site to inform and deliver your own behaviour change campaign. Since TRiFOCAL is delivering interventions to a wide range of audience groups, there will be some resources relevant for your organisation, business or citizens. If you need any guidance or support in using the materials, please contact the TRiFOCAL team.

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Our Partners

WRAP is the coordinating beneficiary for TRiFOCAL London and works in partnership with LWARB (as part of Resource London) and Groundwork London to deliver the initiative in London.

Get Involved

TRiFOCAL is bringing together a wide range of audience groups to communicate with Londoners on food waste prevention, food waste recycling and healthy sustainable eating. So whether you are an organisation, community group or school, we would encourage you to get involved.

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