Valuing Food and Food Safety video series: Module 4 – Pilot in Northern Ireland

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Updated on: 20th February 2019


Valuing Food and Food Safety video series

WRAP ran an awareness session for food safety professionals in May 2018 to introduce the tried and tested ‘Your Business is Food, don’t throw it away’ resources which help food businesses reduce the amount of food they throw away, thereby saving money and boosting profits.

  • Nearly 75% of all food that is thrown out by the UK’s Hospitality and Food Service Sector is food that could have been eaten.
  • The value of this food waste costs the sector £2.9 billion per year.
  • Average saving of £10,000 per outlet from identifying where food is wasted and implementing low or no cost measures.

Industry experts and guests shared the benefits and practicalities of ‘Your Business is Food, don’t throw it away’ from an environmental health practitioner’s perspective, demonstrating how food waste prevention measures can be combined with food safety messages.

Video module 4 – Your Business is Food, don’t throw it away in practice – pilot in Northern Ireland

This module presents valuable learnings for food safety professionals wishing to use Your Business is Food, don’t throw it away with local businesses.

Catherine Hallissey, Environmental Health Officer, from Mid and East Antrim Borough Council presents her experiences of delivering a pilot in Northern Ireland, highlighting the positive impact of the pilot on the businesses involved and the benefits to her as an environmental health officer.

This video module is part of a series recorded at the Valuing Food and Food Safety event held in May 2018. To view the other video modules, click here.

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